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Walk the Walk for Homeless Children 2019 


Walk with us Saturday, June 8, 2019

Registration 9:00 AM
Walk Starts 10:00 AM

DCRís Sampas Pavilion, Pawtucket Blvd
(Rte 113, Across from Heritage Farm Ice Cream)
Lowell, MA 01854

Jackieeís Story

My name is Jackiee. I was 19 when I gave birth to my son Cameron. When Cam was 2 months old, I was a single parent and had been thrown out of my house. I had absolutely no idea how to be a parent, or even if that was a role I could really handle.

I began looking into adoption. Deep down, that wasnít the road I wanted to take, but I felt like the walls were closing in. It was through the adoption agency that I heard about My Fatherís House. 

I was told it was a home for young woman and their children to go, when they had nowhere else. I looked into it and decided I would give it a try, seeing as I would do anything to be the parent my son needed. It was the best decision I ever made. 

Thanks to My Fatherís House, my son spent the first few years of his life growing up in a stable environment with a compassionate and loving staff that we both learned to consider family. I also grew so much, not only learning how to be a mom, but how to be a responsible adult and role model for my child as well. 

Now at age 25, and Cameron 6, we successfully live on our own, and have for 3 years. He is graduating from kindergarten, and I will be graduating from nursing school this year. I also work full-time.

We have come such a long way in becoming a stable, successful, and happy family. All of this was possible thanks to the help, love, and unconditional support from the people at My Fatherís House. Cameron and I will be forever grateful.

Why should you help? Because My Fatherís House is there when no one else will be. Their staff goes above and beyond for these young women, who feel they have run out of options...and through patience and encouragement, show them all the ways they can keep going, even when they think they canít. My Fatherís House is such a unique experience, and how they support and love these kids, so selflessly, is unmatched.

Children having children is a losing situation for everyone.

Without help, these kids donít have much of a chance.

You can help by joining us at the Walk the Walk for Homeless Children.

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